Self-Study Overview

Our interactive course modules are Excel-based and specialize in advanced and complex financial modeling, valuation modeling, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions and leveraged buyout training topics.

With the WST Self-Study program, learn at your own pace on your own time. We offer all the resources you'll need, including blank Excel templates and supplementary materials needed to follow along. Pause at any time for a break or go back when you missed a step.

All courses feature extensive use of vital shortcut keys and our very own WST Macros to keep you as efficient as possible. Remember: "Work smart, not hard."

Ambitious learners may also pursue optional WST Certification, requiring a comprehensive knowledge of financial modeling, valuation and M&A/LBO modeling.

Self-Study Platform

We provide a systematic and rigorous approach to actual, hands-on modeling. Our fully-integrated, video-based learning platform is extremely robust and provides:

  • the same content used for training our corporate clients in person
  • case studies with actual data, not illustrative "practice" templates
  • dynamic, instructional, streaming videos of the entire financial analyst program
  • an interactive experience; learn side-by-side with instructor and video
  • all Excel templates/models, presentations and PDF materials
  • supporting tutorials, interactive content and exhibits

Platform Walkthrough

Below is a video demonstration of our platform and its benefits.

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Learn By Doing

No boring text-based Q&A lessons; we cover the 20 relevant pages from your 400-page textbook.
Open Excel at the same time as your web browser and follow along with the instructor.
Ask and answer course-related questions as you watch each video.

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Online Corporate Training

We offer our self-study, video-based platform housing all our financial modeling courses to corporations at highly discounted prices, allowing you to:

  • Elevate all employees' skills set in an extremely cost-effective manner
  • Standardize learning firmwide - everyone learns same content and gains same base of knowledge
  • Hone and instill Wall Street's best practices internally, on a company-wide basis
  • Maximize learning as employees can learn at their own pace and review content as often as they wish

How It Works

Benefits to the Corporation

  • All users have unlimited access to all the videos and assets
  • Continued repetition & reinforcement, instead of just once with on-site training
  • Easily deliver "pre-work" before training to hit the ground running from Day 1
  • Source of supplemental training & additional resources for employees
  • Increase quality of training while decreasing resource hours & training budget
  • Tools to assess employee performance with the material (additional fees apply)
  • Employees have 24-7 access to answers at their fingertips
  • Application can be completely customized (skins, logo, messages)
  • Growing knowledge base of Q&A for future generation of employees
  • Add-ons & custom content development (HR, compliance, proprietary process)

Cost Savings to the Corporation

  • Efficient amp; extremely cost effective manner to disseminate & instill knowledge
  • Eliminate/reduce employee downtime and time away from desk
  • Significant economics of scale with more users on the system
  • Lower overall and per head cost than on-site, live training
  • Reduce travel expenses and meeting related expenses


  • Streaming videos of the entire financial analyst program
  • Same content as live training offered to Wall St. Training's extensive client list
  • Supporting content (charts, printouts, etc.)
  • Customized forum for your company to share their questions/answers
  • Live tutoring with WST staffers*
  • Customized topic development for the firm*
  • News and announcement center for all new employees
  • Evaluation & assessment for employees (managed by the company or WST)*
  • Communication between employees across different branches in the company via forum postings and live communication interface*

*Additional fees may apply.


Corporate discounts are provided for department or company-wide licenses. Pricing is customized based on the number of users and modules desired and reflects significant discounts over the retail price. Please contact us for more information and a personalized response.

WST Certification

The Wall St. Training Certificate can be granted to both classroom training and self-study clients who have successfully completed our financial modeling, valuation, M&A and LBO courses. It is an official document that confirms your completion of WST courses, as well as certifies that you have a full understanding and solid grasp of our finance topics, application of modeling, and valuation skills.

If you are interested in applying, please get in touch with us. We will send over more information including list of eligible courses, pricing structure, and grading criteria.


WST is the forerunner in equipping individuals with solid financial skills. We are fully committed to helping our clients, corporations, and individuals attain the most competent skill sets and we pride ourselves in setting the gold standard in the financial training industry. A WST Certificate holder has the competitive edge over her/his peers and will inevitably be regarded by current and prospective employers as someone who has the expertise and skills necessary to excel in the financial industry.

The WST Certification is best for those who are looking to enter or transition into the finance field. Our expertise and integrity are evident in our relationships with credible corporate clients and 3rd party affiliations.


After successful completion of our self-study courses, the optional certification process can begin. You will be given a case study to complete which will test your ability to valuate, build a financial model, and demonstrate your concept application. No outside sources are necessary: al prior knowledge is taught in our self-study courses. Your work will be evaluated by the WST staff.

Only existing subscribers with a valid and unexpired subscription are eligible to undergo the certification process, which can be accessed by going to "More Courses" in their user log-in. You MUST have purchased the corresponding self-study course in order to undergo the certification process.


The following levels and courses are available for certification:

Level I: Basic & Fundamental Concepts (multiple choice exams)
Level II: Basic Financial Modeling Topics (financial models in Excel)
Level III: Core Financial & Valuation Modeling Topics (financial models in Excel)
Level IV: Core Merger Modeling Topics (financial models in Excel)
Level V: Super-Advanced Merger Modeling Topics (financial models in Excel)*
Course: Advanced Financial Modeling – Core Model
Course: Advanced Financial & Valuation Modeling – Core Model + Enhancements
Course: Complex LBO Modeling & LBO Model Enhancements

*Note: Level V certification excludes Advanced Excel for Data Analysis topic Successful completion of WST Certification implies a solid grasp and understanding of the stated Learning Objectives for the respective courses and levels.

Certification Scoring

Wall St. Training is proud of the standards we have set in the financial industry. Therefore, when we issue a certificate, we are putting our name and reputation behind the candidate. Therefore, we have high standards and will not distribute a passing grade if the student does not meet our expectations. When we issue a Certificate, it means that the recipient actually knows the material, as opposed just answering 70% of 50 multiple choice questions correctly or something to that effect. Admittedly, our grading criteria is pretty strict.s

  • Financial model submissions will be given a PASS/FAIL grade
  • A Passing grade is determined as NO MORE than 5 incorrect cells IN ANY worksheet
  • A Failing grade is determined as MORE than 5 incorrect cells IN ANY worksheet
  • You are allowed a maximum of TWO (2) submissions; if the first submission is PASS then a second submission is not required. If the first submission is FAIL then we will provide you with a marked copy of your submission in which we will highlight the incorrect cells (see below). Check and modify your model before re-submitting it for your final grade.
  • If your FINAL model results in a Failing grade, you will not be elegible to receive a certificate. You may elect to start over with the Certification Process from the beginning, but some exclusions may apply.

Excel Model Scoring

A cell will be marked as incorrect if EITHER of the following below are inconsistent with our internal proprietary master model. Please note that EACH instance will be marked incorrect so it is possible to have one cell with 5 errors, which would alone result in a Failing grade.

  • Typographical errors on inputs (direct inputs into model from source inputs)
  • Formula errors (incorrect formulas or improper cell references)
  • Formatting errors (blue vs. black cells, underlines, dollar signs, decimals, percentages, etc)
  • Anchoring (keep to best practices of correctly anchoring cell references)
  • Final grades are at the sole discretion of Wall St. Training staff

Our internal proprietary master model is built following the exact same methodologies as per our online self-study videos All PASS/FAIL decisions are at the sole discretion and judgment of the WST staff. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued.

Get Certified

WST Verification of Completion

The Verification of Completion is a cost-effective, less rigorous alternative to WST Certification. It is similar to WST Certification except that instead of being given a brand-new set of case study financial models, we will check your completed financial models from the self-study video exercises.

Thus, the verification simply verifies that you have successfully completed the video exercises. Since the answers are fully provided, cell-by-cell, formula-by-formula, it is our expectation that all submissions should be 100% accurate and correct. This option does not test one's ability to apply the concepts learned to a new problem.

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